04 Corporations, Funds and Property


Welcome to Session 4 of the series on The Law Explained and the topic tonight being “Corporations, Funds and Property”, namely – what is a Corporation?

What are the different types and origins of Corporations? How is a Corporation formed? How does one claim or assert a Right or Property within a Corporation properly? What is a Fund? How are Funds properly created? What is Property? What is an Asset? How are Property and Assets properly recognised? How do we start to effectively respond to Corporate overreach and prove we are not the property of a corporation?

Part 1 – Review on Key Concepts

Page 3 – Review of Key Points from Session 3

Page 4 – Alternate model

Page 5 – An Estate is a valid record in a Roll with Rights

Page 6 – The Aspects of Person and Estate

Page 7 – Hierarchy of Rolls

Page 8 – Roman Land Register is Proof of Slavery

Page 9 – The Golden Rule of Law

Page 10 – What Law is Not

Page 11 – What is Justice?

Page 12 – What is not Justice?

Page 13 – No Trust can exist under Injustice

Page 14 – The Rule of Relation

Part 2 – Corporations

Page 16 – What is a Corporation?

Page 17 – The two ways a Corporation is proposed

Page 18 – The two ways a Corporation is formed

Page 19 – The two ways Corporate Powers are structured

Page 20 – The two ways a Corporation functions

Page 21 – How founding Corporate Instruments Relate

Page 22 – The three ways a Corporation is proven to exist

Page 23 – What is the importance of Corporate Personality?

Page 24 – A Corporate Person is a derivative of a Person

Page 25 – Corporate Personality depends on Person Roll

Page 26 – Corporate Personality determines standing in law

Page 27 – Corporate Personality 1700’s to 1930’s

Page 28 – Corporate Personality 1930’s to now

Page 29 – Hierarchy of Corporations

Part 3 – Property & Funds

Page 31 – What is Property?

Page 33 – What is a Fund?

Page 34 – Corporations need Funds to operate