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What is good and equal, is the law of laws. Hob. 224.

Session 01 - DOWNLOADS

Page 35 – The Truth of modern Judges

The foundation of the Supreme Courts of Judicature Procedures Acts that begin in the late 19th Century.





Session 13 - DOWNLOADS

Page 8 – Origin in Statute of Bargain and Sale

On slide 8, we see the statutes in Westminster law that are claimed as the foundation for the notions of Purchase and Bargain and Sale beginning with Henry VIII in 1535 and 27 H.8 c.16 (1535) and the Inrollment of Bargains and Sales.








Sale of Goods Act 1979 UK


Page 12 – Set-Off Explained

As I mentioned, the action and exception of Set-Off has existed in statute since 1729 (2 Geo.2 c.22 §13) before being made perpetual in 1735 (8 Geo.2 c.24 §4). In fact, since this time “Set-Off” is considered a high and just right that cannot be ignored by the courts.




Debtors and Creditors Act 1875 (39 Victoriae 1875 No 79)



Essential Info

No More Tax

The first question the tax office ask is what is your assessable taxable income. Your answer will be nil, nada, zilch, nothing. I know, I know, this can’t be true. Lets look at what assessable income is.

Download this PDF and have a read. Does any individual have to pay tax?

Download here.

Trespass Notice

Notice To All Persons And Entities Living, Corporate, Private Or Otherwise.

Trespass Notice – Download here.

This accompanies the trespass sign to equip people with the right questions to ask if police if they try to enter your house or property.

No Trespass Document – Download here.

Your Consent is ALWAYS required

Carry these docs with you and if ever confronted by Police or other persons thinking they have authority over you, give it to them.

Your Consent is ALWAYS required – Download here.

More Downloads

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— Check In QLD Privacy Policy

This is a voluntary app. You do not have to use Check In Qld to check in at a venue or event – but if you don’t, then you must register your attendance in that venue or event by other means. Please confirm the details of these alternative methods with the business or organisation. Download & Read to know your rights & what they are doing with your information.

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— Australian Constitution

Some light reading of the original 1901 Australia Constitution CHAPTER 12. An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia.

Download this copy of the 1901 Constitution

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— Biosecurity

I can say NO !!! to the Vaccine and here is why. A simple version of the BioSecurity Act.

Download this copy of the Bio Security Act

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— Inalienable Rights

Inalienable Rights are the Inherent, Sovereign, Natural Rights that existed before the creation of the State, and which, being antecedent to and above the State, can never be taken away, diminished, altered, or liened upon by the State, subject only to the Due Process of the Common Law.

Download your copy


Sovereign Exemption Card Print File A7

Download Here

Sovereign Exemption Card home print x 4 

Download Here

Sovereign Exemption Card single A7 

Download Here

The QR CODE Check-in, Face Mask, PCR Test & Jab Exemption Card is your “must have” handy reference.

Provided as an A7 design with professional and home printing files. We recommend carrying these cards with you and if ever confronted by police or persons thinking they have authority over you, ask them to scan the relevant QR code which directs them to the relevant Commonwealth Act. If you leave one with a business, arrange to go back with the “Business Owner NEED TO KNOW” or “MYTH VERSUS FACT” info packs.

Red Heart Movement Explainer.