03 Estates, Rolls and Registers


Welcome to Session 3 of the series on The Law Explained and the topic tonight being “Estates, Rolls and Registers”, namely – what is an Estate?

What are the different types and origins of Estates? How is an Estate formed? How does one claim or assert a Right or Property within an Estate properly? What is a Roll? How are records properly entered into a Roll? What are the rules for joining records between separate Rolls? What is a Register? How is information entered into a Register? What does it mean to have information recorded in a Register? What is Legal Title?  How do we start to get our affairs in order and prove that we are not a slave?

Part 1 – Review on Key Concepts

Page 3 – Review of Key Points from Session 2

Page 4 – The Accounting of “Sin”

Page 5 – Elite Families Secretly Claim to be without Sin

Page 6 – The Western-Roman Model has “No way out”

Page 7 – Western-Roman Accounting (1600’s)

Page 8 – European Annuity Accounting (1700’s)

Page 9 – Privacy Securities Accounting (1800’s)

Page 10 – There is no Remedy in Common Law

Page 11 – English law was burnt and re-written many times

Part 2 – Estates

Page 13 – Rights are connected to Persons

Page 14 – You are connected to multiple Persons

Page 15 – Remember the three “Aspects” of Persons?

Page 16 – The 3 Aspects of Person in Trust

Page 17 – The formality of connection to Person

Page 18 – An Estate is a valid record in a Roll with Rights

Page 19 – The authority to create a person is hierarchical

Page 20 – Hierarchy of Rolls

Part 3 – Registers and Rolls

Page 22 – What is a Register?

Page 23 – What is a Record?

Page 24 – What is Originality vs. Original Certificate?

Page 25 – The concept of Validation