02 Trusts and Rights


Welcome to Session 2 of the series on The Law Explained and the topic tonight being “Trusts and Rights”, namely – what is a Right?

What are the different types and origins of Rights? What are the different classes of Rights? How does one claim or assert a Right properly? How does one defend a Right properly? What happens when there is a clash of Rights? What are Trusts? What are the key elements of every valid Trust? What are the different types of Trusts? How does one form a valid Trust? When is a Trust breached? How are Trusts dissolved or defended?

Part 1 – A Quick Review on Key Concepts

Page 3 – Review of Key Points from Session 1

Page 4 – What we think is real is the illusion (dream)

Page 5 – The Ultimate Truth of Reality – Life is a Dream

Page 6 – The Western-Roman Model is a Mind Prison

Page 7 – Western-Roman Model has “No Way out”

Page 8 – Elite Pisan/Venetian/Dutch Families Coat of Arms

Page 9 – Ultimate Claim of Right of Elite Families

Page 10 – Public Ecclesiastical Law

Page 11 – Secret Ecclesiastical Law

Page 12 – Public vs. Private

Page 13 – Public is Roman Trust Law

Page 14 – Private is Roman Fascist Law

Part 2 – Rights

Page 16 – What is a Right?

Page 17 – Types of Rights

Page 18 – What are some key Rights?

Page 19 – Hierarchy of Rights

Page 22 – What is a Trust?

Page 23 – What is the different states of Beneficiary?

Page 24 – Main Types of Trusts

Page 25 – What is a Trustor?

Page 26 – A Trust Ceases:

Page 27 – Key Rules of Trust

Page 28 – Hierarchy of Trusts

Page 29 – The Highest Trust on Earth is Office of Man or Office of Woman

Page 30 – Ecclesiastical Inferior Roman Trust

Page 31 – Private Inferior Roman Trust

Page 32 – Personal Inferior Roman Trust