05 Documents and Securities


Welcome to Session 5 of the series on The Law Explained and the topic tonight being “Documents and Securities”, namely – what is a Document?

What are the different types and origins of Documents? How is a Document formed? How does one claim or assert a Right or Property within a Document properly? What is a Security? How are Securities properly created? How do we start to effectively respond to Documents of threat and demand and the overreach of corporations?

Part 1 – Review on Key Concepts

Page 3 – Review of Key Points from Session 4

Page 4 – The Accounting of “Original Sin”

Page 5 – Western-Roman Accounting (1600’s)

Page 6 – European Annuity Accounting (1700’s)

Page 7 – Private Securities Accounting (1800’s)

Page 8 – What is a Fund?

Page 9 – What is an Asset?

Page 10 – Corporate Personality determines standing in law

Page 11 – Virtually all your ‘rights’ are beneficial interests only

Page 12 – Mixing documents, persons and levels are insane

Page 13 – Western-Roman Model has “no way out”

Part 2 – Documents

Page 16 – What is a Document?

Page 17 – What are the different types (forms) of Documents?

Page 18 – Where do Western-Roman Documents Originate?

Page 19 – Documents are connected to Rights of Persons

Page 20 – Single-Sheet non-commercial Document

Page 21 – Single-sheet commercial/legal Document

Page 22 – Elements of single-sheet document

Page 23 – Elements of Document: Accounting 

Page 24 – Elements of Document: Bankruptcy Accounting

Page 25 – Elements of Document: Windows

Page 26 – Single-Sheet Documents and Coins

Page 27 – Elements of Multi-Sheet Document

Page 28 – Traditional use of Color and Instruments

Page 29 – Traditional Position of Signs and Seals

Page 30 – Hierarchy of Documents

Part 3 – Securities

Page 32 – What is a Security?

Page 34– What is the difference between a real asset and security?